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14th Year of Publication
It's Umbert the Unborn, the comic strip by Gary Cangemi that has been charming people of all ages with its gentle humor and pre-natal antics since 2001. Please have fun exploring this website and learning more about Umbert and how his positive message of Life is helping to change our culture.
A Friendly City Feature
The World's Most Loveable Baby Hasn't Been Born Yet!
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2015 Edition Umbert for Small Publications Now Available!
This is the 12th Annual Volume of Umbert Cartoons for Parish Bulletins, Pro-Life Newsletters and other small publications. Umbert's light-hearted way of dealing with serious issues makes it the perfect pro-life feature for young and old alike. Join the hundreds of churches and groups who have embraced Umbert's message of Life!
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Umbert's Classic Cartoons on One Disc!
By popular demand, Gary Cangemi has selected the very BEST Umbert comic strips from the Umbert Archives for one special CD for use in YOUR Pro-Life Newsletter, Church Bulletin, or other publication. These are the early strips that made Umbert popular and introduced some of his pre-natal pals like Vita the Viable, Elwood the Expected, and Fredo the Frozen. Comes with 60 cartoons in B&W and Color, a color booklet,and license with permission to publish in your publication. For those just getting started, this is the perfect collection for introducing Umbert to your readers!
Have Umbert & Gary Inspire Your Pro-Life Group!
Inspiring. Thought-Provoking. Entertaining.....Just few of the words people are using to describe cartoonist Gary Cangemi's live appearances at pro-life events around the country. Gary's unique brand of humor and wit adds a refreshing prespective to a very serious subject. Using his cartoons, commentary, and creative use of song parody, Gary presents Umbert's "Womb With a View," to delight and inspire your pro-life group.
Bookings Available for 2014 and 2015 at reasonable rates.
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JUST $59.95
Only a Dollar Per Strip!
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Only $1.50 Per Strip! (plus S&H)
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Gary Cangemi's loveable character Umbert and his pre-natal pals are back in this delightful collection of classic cartoons! Buy it here and Gary will sign it! Just $8.95 (plus S&H)
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